Students have problems connecting to Read Live website and may receive a "delay" message or the following "connection lost" message:

Your internet connection has been lost. Please tell your teacher.

Contact your information technology department, and ask them to check the following:

  • Your school must have full access to the following IP address:
    If your school prioritizes Internet traffic for different websites, consider increasing the priority for this IP address.
  • If you are using more than one Internet Service Provider (ISP), then we recommend that you direct all traffic from the above IP address to go through just one of your ISPs.
  • MP3 files must not be blocked, because MP3 files are used for the audio support in Read Naturally Live. To test whether your computer can play MP3 audio files, please click the following link:
    If your computer can play MP3 files, you will hear an audio message; otherwise, you will receive a message from within your network stating that the MP3s are being blocked.
  • Read Naturally Live uses a content delivery network to increase the efficiency of delivering our stories to the end-user.  You may need to add the following web address to your web filter’s allow list:
  • You may also need to add the following URL to your web filter's allow list: